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Subject: A slide show with actual slides
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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:32:57 GMT

I met D*ve tonight. :-P

He came to a book signing at a bookstore right here in little ol'
Naperville. Since I work with a nice lady who also works at the store, she
got me a good number when she got to work and gave me her employee discount
on the book I bought to have him sign. (I didn't buy the new one. I bought
the _Guide to life_, which, if you don't know it, is four books combined
into one for $9.99.)

Anyway, since I was going, I decided to try out the brand new Sony Mavica
digital camera the computer guy at work just handed over to my boss and me
this afternoon. And here are the results:

The tale starts about 6:45 p.m. D*ve was supposed to appear at 7:00, but at
6:45, a store employee (most of them were wearing Hawaiian shirts for the
occasion) announced to the gathering throng, "Mr. Barry is in the
building." Just then, the "employees only" door at the back of the store
opened and I saw D*ve come out of another door behind the first one. I had
already surmised the purpose of the second door, so I leaned over to the
woman next to me and said, "Mr. Barry is in the bathroom." She agreed that
this was logical.

So anyway, at 7:00, D*ve came out and started talking to us about the book.
Actually, first he talked about being on book tour and how nice it was to
actually have people there to see him. So I decided to take a picture of him.

Unfortunately, I got him looking down.

Then he told us about the two parts of the book and said some of the same
things he said on the WGN News at Noon today, about records and record
players, etc. (I'm sure Ms. Nomer and Rocky know what I'm talking about.)
So I decided to try again with the picture.
Darn it! Got him looking down again.

Then he got into his bit about, oh, what is it, you know, the first thing
to go,... memory! Here, he's trying to recall the name of Judd Hirsch,
which will lead him to "Taxi," which will lead him to Andy Kaufman.
I don't remember why he was trying to think of Andy Kaufman.

Then he read to us from the book, the part toward the end about **THE
LETTER**. You know, the letter you get from AARP when you turn 50. He also
read about the counter organization he's starting called BARF. This time,
there's a good reason for him to be looking down.

After that, he took some questions like he did in Kansas City. Somebody
asked about Robby. He's fine, and for the record, he's 18 and still thinks
Dad's a dork. Their daily conversation: "Robby, did you write your essay
[for your college application] yet?" "Daad(duh)!" One more try with the
camera. Watch him carefully this time, make sure he's not looking down,
and... success!
(Okay, so his mouth is open and he looks goofy.) There was also a question
about his former band, which he quickly disavowed in favor of his current
band, the RBRs. He's hilarious on the subject of Steven King; you gotta
hear for yourself the part about the girl with the flaming fingernails.

After about twenty or twenty-five minutes, he stopped talking and started
signing books. I had the number 25, so I didn't have to wait too long. A
nice lady offered to take a picture of us together, so I showed her how to
do it and scampered behind the table with D*ve. And now the moment you've
all been waiting for... a picture of me:
I'm the one with the goofy hair.

Well, the lady wasn't sure if she had done it right, and I was trying to
tell her, but I'm not real sure yet myself, so she ended up taking two of
and I look like a doofus in both. Time to learn Photoshop.

After showing the pictures to the lady and my cow orker who works there, I
left. Outside, I decided to try a night shot. This is downtown Naperville,
looking east from in front of the book store.
No, I am *not* standing in the middle of the street.

Finally, when I got home, I took a picture of my cat.
Shoulda used the flash this time, but it would have annoyed Nero.

The best part was that I still got home in time to watch "Charmed."

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