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Dave Barry

Dave Barry is a humorist, author, movie star (well, sort of), and occasional columnist for the Miami Herald. He used to be a weekly columnist, but he took 2005 off and never went back (sob).

I'm just going to throw in some stuff here about Dave and some other people I know because of Dave. This is not organized in any particular way. Some of this is being copied directly from my old site at AT&T. Some is stuff I intended to put there but never did. A good example of that is the picture at the top of the page. It's my autographed copy of Dave's movie, Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys, based on the book of the same title. It stars Dave himself as the narrator and John Cleese as several obnoxious experts.

Let's see, here's my old page about the first time I met him. Soon (yeah, right), I'll put up another page with the pictures and video clips from when he was here in 2006, but I won't have any narrative because I don't remember the details any more.

Here, without explanation, is The Banner Years, and chapter 3 as I originally wrote it. I recently got indignant on Facebook about the changes Christin made to my chapter, including the numerous typos introduced.

More for the nostalgia kick than actual informational value, I direct you, via the Wayback Machine, to Mike Steele's (no, not that Mike Steele) alt.fan.dave_barry FAQ and also the hiatus version that replaced it. Eric Seiden kindly (or perhaps apathetically) continues to host not only the alternate FAQ, but also the Squirrel FAQ. As a last resort, you might even try Dave's own web site, to find out where and when you might be able to see Dave or his all-author rock band, The Rock Bottom Remainders.

One more bit of miscellany: the postcard over the edge.

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